Mens Herts Premier League Div 3 
31/10/2021, 7:20 pm
Harlow Hawks 2
96 - 56
Amersham Comets
1st 2nd 3rd 4th T
Harlow Hawks 22 24 24 26 96
Amersham Comets 7 27 11 9 56
Harlow Leisurezone
Men's 2
Referee: B.Bhania, T.Horton

Match Report

This was a special game for many reasons, in particular:
– first home game of the newly formed Harlow Hawks 2nd team
– first game in almost two years in the main hall at Harlow Leisure Zone, with teared seating out,
live commentary (thanks Graham and Bubs for your witty elocution) and other entertainment including
the world famous raffle with fabulous items to win.
With such proposition, there is no surprise that almost 200 people turned up, some of them in their Halloween costumes, creating an extraordinary pre-game atmosphere which continued throughout the game.

Coach Saul’s initial five (Mubbasher, Guli, Rimas, Shab, Will) controlled the start of the game although somehow the score board only showed a 8-5 home lead after the first five minutes. It all changed in the last four minutes of Q1 when a second three pointer from Mubbasher (did he call bank?) and contributions from the bench
(including Assistant Coach Russ Allan) catapulted the team to a commanding 22-7 lead.

The second quarter was a high scoring interchange of blows (24-27) with Guli and Rimas dominating
under the boards. The home team retained a 12 point lead at half time.

The initial five were back in action after the break with a mandate to increase the lead which they executed to perfection with some strong defending and exquisite ball movement at the other end.
Shab sunk three three pointers in this quarter and Guli, like in the previous two quarters, contributed with three scores, several rebounds and assists, frustrating the opponents efforts to get back into the game.

The final quarter started with a 70-45 advantage to the home team. Yet, the home crowd, completely behind the team, demanded even more. Rimas made the trip up the board, down to the floor and over to the foul line five times in four minutes. Unfortunately the free throw shooting performance turned into a nightmare suitable for a horror movie (Halloween coincidence perhaps?).
Hawks defence was flawless with the visitors only scoring once in the first 5 minutes.
Shab scored three more three pointers which complemented an amazing display of long passes, assists, dribbling skills and overall technical ability that kept the crowd on their feet.

With one minute left, all home players but one had managed to score at least once. That player then wasted two free throws and a close range shot to add to the drama and suspense. No horror movie this time, next shot went in to the delight of all spectators and exhilaration of the home bench. Final score: 96-56.

Written By:- E.Abad


1 3 2 8
2 10 2 2 22
3 5 3 13 13
4 6 6 18
5 3 1 2 1 7


6 1 2
7 2 1 5
8 1 2 1 2
9 1 2
10 1 1 2
11 3 6
12 4 1 1 3 9