The Calendar

To add an individual calendar to your personal google calendar simply click the “+google calendar” in the bottom right corner of the calendar below. You will be transferred to a new web browser tab where you’ll need to log in to your google account if not already logged in. Once the page loads you’ll be asked which team calendars you wish to add. Simply click on necessary “add” button(s).

Those of you with android devices should have this synchronised automatically so if your settings are correct you’ll receive reminders of upcoming events. Those with iOS devices (not using a google calendar account) scroll to the further instructions below to import a specific calendar to your device.


KEY :- (VC) = Venue Change, (HG) = Home Game, (AG) = Away Game, (GC) = Game Cancelled

 Android devices click here ^……………    

iOS Import Links

To add a calendar to your iOS devices simply touch and hold (whilst on your device) on the calendar you wish to import and then ‘copy link URL’. Then go to Settings (on your device) > Mail,Contacts,Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar > Paste the link URL in here > Then click done!

Please note, some calendars may take a while to sync to your device.

If you are still unsure try this instructional walkthrough

U8’s Calendar

U11’s Calendar

U12’s Calendar

U14’s Calendar

U17’s Calendar

U18’s Calendar

Girls Calendar

Mens Calendar

Social Calendar

Social League Calendar

30n3 League Calendar

Essex Leopards Calendar


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