Mens Herts Premier League Div 3 
08/10/2017, 6:00 pm
Aylesbury Dux
45 - 75
Harlow Hawks 1
1st 2nd 3rd 4th T
Aylesbury Dux 10 9 14 12 45
Harlow Hawks 4 24 11 36 75
Aylesbury High School
Men's 1
Referee: D.Sanders, G.Mikstas

Match Report

Harlow Hawks travelled to Aylesbury in their first league match of the 2017/18 campaign. Always a long journey for a Sunday evening from Harlow but taking a squad of nine meant Hawks could play with support from the bench. A superb display from the team somewhat buoyed by the win on Wednesday and a standout performance from Mubbasher Niaz who scored 20 points in the fourth quarter.
The start was poor, the only word for the performance from both teams in the first quarter is unremarkable. Particularly for a game which ended so remarkably. Two baskets one for the whole quarter one from M Niaz and one from P Caleb with Dux scoring 10 points. Some stern words from coach S Niaz at the break were needed to see a step up in all departments and play with more confidence. The quarter ended Dux 10 Hawks 4.
It was like looking at different team in the second quarter. Scoring 24 point in total and contributions from almost everyone on the team. Stand out scorers were R Norkeliunas with a total of 7 points but also M Niaz scoring 6 points and P Caleb 5 points. This was a lesson in fast breaks which was clearly working for Hawks. Both T White and R Whytock also added points to take the lead from Dux. The quarter ended Dux 19 Hawks 28.
There was an expectation that Hawks would continue on the impressive run from the first half and take it into the third quarter. This did not materialise and Dux outscored the Hawks 14 points to 11. There were defensive errors, turnovers and poor conversion on offense led to Dux bring the Hawks lead back to six points from nine. There were also too many fouls committed from Hawks putting Dux on the line four times in a row in just three minutes. It looked like the confidence and steely nerve from the second quarter was not holding up. However, S Niaz ad M Niaz managed to open and close the quarter with one three pointer each. The quarter ended Dux 33 Hawks 39.
So it was the fourth quarter which made this game a belter in the end with 36 points scored – which must be up there for the most points scored in a single quarter. The most outstanding performance coming from M Niaz who scored 20 points including two 3 pointers. T White scored six points and also had a great game at one point taking diving for the ball even with his 6’11 frame and a nice 360 spin play. R Whytock, R Norkeliunas and S Niaz added the remaining ten points but a very impressive final quarter display from the Hawks who can take away some great positives but also some lessons for the match. The match ended Dux 45 Hawks 75.
From that display in the fourth quarter the next game should be a good one.
Written By:- Saul Friedner


1 3 1 1 3 7
2 8 3 4 8 1 29
3 2 1 4
11 Tom White (c)
7 2 14
5 1


6 1
8 4 1 1 10 3 12
9 1 2 8