U16's National League East 
26/11/2017, 4:15 pm
Harlow Hawks
82 - 51
Brentwood Leopards White
1st 2nd 3rd 4th T
Harlow Hawks 25 15 20 22 82
Brentwood Leopards White 10 14 12 15 51
Harlow Leisurezone

Match Report

1st Period: 25-10
We got off to a strong start in the match using our size and strength advantage to good effect. We were rebounding well and running in most of our lay ups passing over the top of the leopards full court defence.We can improve on our finishing to really break open games when we have advantage such as we did in this game. It was clear that Leopards had a 3 point threat so we needed to be mindful of this and get out to the shooters beyond the arc going forward.

2nd Period:15-14
This was a closer quarter but with good contributions off the bench from Zak and Max, we kept control of the game. We needed to continue to be assertive and protect the ball from the active hands of the leopards players. Ethan came into the game in this quarter  and really did a steady job for the team running the offence.


3rd period: 20-12
We again pushed on in this quarter with great defence, rebounding and running the court. We also did a better job of getting out to the 3 point shooters making them have to dribble and helping out well if the ball defender was beaten or partially beaten. Saul, Zak, Max and Panni all scored and contributed well. The scoring was really shared during this quarter with good passing and interplay between the boys. Well done everyone.

4th Period: 22-15
The final period of play saw some more good team play with continued rebounding dominance and sharing the ball. Leopards rallied slightly with three 3 pointers during the period.One play in particularly stands out for me when Zak dribbled to the basket from the left side of the key and crossed over from right to left hand and finished with a lay up right at the basket. Richard finished the game strongly for us in this quarter but again everyone contributed at both ends of the court.

Written By:- Coach Graham