U16's National League East 
18/11/2017, 12:00 pm
East Herts Royals
46 - 74
Harlow Hawks
1st 2nd 3rd 4th T
East Herts Royals 12 9 13 12 46
Harlow Hawks 18 19 21 16 74
Marriott's School Leisure Centre

Match Report

East Herts Royals 46 v Harlow Hawks 74

This was a great team performance by the Hawks with all players contributing to a high level.

1st Period: 12-18

East Herts Royals got off to a good start scoring the first couple of baskets which gave us the wake up call we needed.
Once Max knocked down his jump shot from the corner we were off and running. (Max had a solid game at both ends of the court).
We then got it together on both ends of the court having six different scorers in this quarter and shared the ball well. We also matched the physical level in order to pull down the rebounds and starting to help better on defence. Good start boys!

2nd period: 9-19

We carried on our good team play and rebounded better as a group especially Danila who was having a solid game rebounding and scoring which was really encouraging. Ethan also came into the game and played very well over extended minutes, running the offence correctly and playing good defence.

We just needed to move the ball quicker to both sides of the court to get open shots. Once we started doing this we got players open for jump shots and layups at the basket.

During this half Richard scored a couple of really impressive layups especially a right hand reverse which got the bench excited.

We had five different scorers in this quarter.

3rd Period:13-21

This was another good quarter for the team getting offensive rebounds giving us extra scoring opportunities. Zak was starting to play with good energy getting some of the offensive rebounds for us.We also ran the fast break well at times passing ahead and scoring lay ups.

We had 5 different scorers for this quarter.

4th Period: 12-16

Zak continued his active play and scored a couple of really key baskets and grabbed more offensive rebounds. We dealt with the extra pressure that Royals put on and good ball movement enabled us to score lay ups. Ethan was getting some open shots and was so close to knocking a couple down.

We had six different scorers in this quarter.

This was a solid performance by the boys with good attitude and effort and certainly took my mind off the pain in my ankle post Op. Thanks for that team!

Also well done to Freddie Oliver Donte Richard for leading the scoring and Haroon for running the offence, sharing the ball and ensuring we are a ‘TEAM FIRST’ Team..

Written By:- Coach Graham