Mens U18 National League East 
01/10/2017, 2:15 pm
Hawks U18
52 - 110
East Herts Royals
1st 2nd 3rd 4th T
Harlow Hawks 16 11 14 19 52
East Herts Royals 17 33 32 26 110
Harlow Leisurezone
Mens U18's

Match Report

A new year, a new league and a new team. A fresh start for the Hawks after a disappointing previous campaign, the team carried high hopes into the first game at home against the East Herts Royals (most of which was fake confidence and lying to themselves though).

To everyone’s surprise, things didn’t look like an absolute disaster in the first quarter. A three from Kane Crowley, an eight point surge from Jack Aylott. All was going well. We were competing, even leading at some point. 16-17 to the Royals was a fair reflection of our performance and we were basically loving life…

…. Until the hot hands cooled and the overwhelming realisation that the Hawks could not keep this rate of scoring and defence up hit the Hawks like a truck. Soon to the opponents quality began to show and Hawks began losing ground fast; the game already out of reach at halftime. 50-27

After an inspirational halftime talk the trauma resumed. There was also the curious incident of Coach Buzz calling over Christian to give him some feedback (vent his frustrations) but then complaining when Christians man scored at the other end while his talk of anger didn’t give him enough time to get back and play defence. This is however no excuse for the poor play the hawks exhibited at this point and to the end of the game. 110-52 the final score. Much work has to be done before the Hawks step on the match day court again. But there were definitely encouraging signs in the development of the younger hawks during most of the players’ first game.

Written By:- Jakub Fridrich


1 1 2 2
2 1 1 2 4 3
3 3 6
4 1 2 2 8
15 Jack Aylott (c)
8 3 3 5 19


7 2
8 1 2 2
9 6 1 12