Mens Herts Premier League Div 1 
05/10/2016, 8:20 pm
Harlow Hawks 1
56 - 64
Berkhamsted Bears
1st 2nd 3rd 4th T
Harlow Hawks 13 14 11 18 56
Berkhamsted Bears 8 15 17 24 64
Harlow Leisurezone
Men's 1
Referee: E. Udyanskyy, T. Fryer

Match Report

Hawks kick off season with unfortunate loss after good performance against Berko Bears

First match of the season was against Berkamstead Bears in which Hawks introduced several new players to the roster including former U18 players J Hawkins and H Patterson who both had a good first game.

Berko opened the quarter well scoring 8 points within four minutes with no reply from Hawks until R Norkeliunas opened his account for the season with a free throw and first basket. Hawks then went on a 13 – 0 run with two big three pointers from returning player coach Niaz and S Burgess and also points from J Hawkins and D Cohen. Hawks took the quarter after a slow start which ended Hawks 13 Bears 8.

The second quarter was much more balanced between the two teams as they settled in to the match. Both teams swapped baskets but it was two three pointers this time one from H Patterson and from L Morris that kept Hawks in the quarter. Harlow also managed to limit the Bears scoring during the quarter with some good defence but did get into foul trouble by the end of the quarter in particular Norkeliunas who committed two fouls in quick succession and had to be subbed off with 30 seconds to go. The quarter ended Hawks 27 Bears 23.

The second half was a different story and Bears switched up a gear and limited Hawks to only 11 points in the third quarter and it was J Hawkins who scored six of those points with S Niaz and L Morris adding the other five points. Hawks let Bears back into the game with lack of concentration in defence and turnovers causing the trouble. Bears managed to take the lead in the final minute of the quarter which ended Hawks 38 Bears 40.

Hawks had to reset and focus their defensive efforts and cut out the turnovers but were still lacking in these areas. J Hawkins, Norkeliunas and S Niaz scoring most of the points in the quarter but Bears went on a 10 -3 run and extend their lead to seven points with three minutes to go. Hawks would have still been in the match it is wasn’t for the eight missed free throws in the quarter. Even with two back to back three pointers from D Cohen in the final minute was not enough to reduce the deficit and although it was a close scrap at the end, Bears eventually won the match by eight points. Final score was Hawks 56 Bears 64.

An unfortunate opening game in which Hawks led for the first half and had some good spells but were not able to maintain their composure to win the match.


Written By: Saul Friedner


1 1 2 1
2 1 1 2 5
3 1 4 10 5 6
13 Shab Niaz (c)
2 1 3 1 7
5 1 2 2


7 1 1 2 5
8 1 2
9 6 3 5 15
10 1
11 2 2 2 10
12 1 2 3