Club General Rules

Below are the clubs rules which are common across both the Senior and Junior sections of the club. Then below these are additional rules that are specific to each section only.

All PLAYERS (Junior or Senior) that attend any of the Hawks sessions held at Harlow Leisurezone (LZ) must become members of the Leisure centre OR pay a guest fee (for a maximum of two sessions after which they must become members of LZ).

General Club Rules

  1. All coaching staff should be addressed as ‘Coach’by all players and parents.
  1. If a player is unable to make training or a game, they should inform the coach in sufficient time before the event stating the reason. If you are going to be late then you should contact the coach & advise accordingly. This is the responsibility of the player/parents.
  1. Club training tops should be worn for training sessions by all team members. All players that are injured should still attend training sessions and home games.
  1. No foul language should be used during training or games.
  1. Player selection for league games could be based on players attending training sessions and is at the discretion of the coaching staff.
  1. During games no disputing the referees call, allow the coaches to address them.
  1. If a player receives a Technical Foul for any reason including due to foul language or disputing a refereeing call then they will be given a £10 fine (this includes players on the bench).
  1. In the event that a player is disqualified from a game i.e. ejected for whatever reason then they will be given a £20 fine and 1 match suspension.
  1. All fines have to be paid at the beginning of the next session or game, whichever comes first. If a player receives a fine and it is not paid accordingly then they will not be selected until the fine has been paid. A player may be requested to appear before the Disciplinary Committee if the offences are repeated on a regular basis.
  1. All players are expected to behave in respectable manner when representing the club at any event, both on and off the court.
  1. Annual fees are non-refundable.

Some additional rules may be added during the season if required, but where possible common sense will be applied.

Additional Senior Rules

  1. In order to help with the development of the club, all senior players need to attend a table officiating course (Level 2) and complete the number of games required for sign-off for qualification. They will be required to help with doing the scoretable at any senior team home games as needed and also doing either Junior National League games or U11 JCVL events through the season (if held in Harlow), where a player has a refereeing qualification then they will be requested to referee instead.
  1. A schedule for table cover for games and Junior National League games / JCVL events will be distributed at the start of the season. It is the responsibility of the individuals assigned to manage their slots. For senior games the schedule for table cover could be determined each week if only one team is being run and rotation is in place. If an individual does not turn up (or get cover for the slot) for scoretable duties then they will have to pay a fine, for JCVL this is £40 and for any normal full length game it is £15.
  1. Any fines received by the team from the league will be split between all team members and it has to be paid.

4.  Where a league has a fine system for accrued points (due to Technical fouls or unsportsman like / Disqualification) for players. Then the individual player will have to pay any league fine as well and serve any suspension deemed by the league in addition to the fines outlined in the main club rules.

Additional Junior Rules

  1. Players should pay attention and hold still any basketballs, while the coach is talking or explaining any drills.
  1. Players that continually disrupt a training session will be asked to sit out drills. In the event that a player continues to be disruptive each session then they will be asked to leave the hall. The player may be requested to appear before the Disciplinary Committee and only in extreme circumstances will a player be asked to leave the club.
  1. Team registered players, should pay training subs and JCVL fees as advised when signing up for the team and it is the players parents responsibility to do so. Failure to adhere with this may result in player not being able to participate in games for that month.