U17/U18 CVL – Central Venue League – Fixtures/Results

U17/U18 CVL Fixtures

The inaugural U17/U18 Central Venue League will run in Harlow for the 2019/20 season.

This allows a continuation for players being able to participate in Central Venue Leagues being run in Harlow from the U11 JCVL (which has been running in Harlow for a number of years), through the U14 CVL and now the U17/U18 CVL.

The setting up of this age group CVL provides an opportunity for players from 8 years old right through to 18 years old to be able to be involved in playing in multiple games on the same day, almost once a month, against other clubs in a central venue and continuing to develop their play level.

The U17/U18 CVL will be held at Mark Hall Sportcentre, London Road, Harlow, CM17 9LR.

*** 2019-20 season U17/U18 CVL dates and schedule are below ***

The CVL will take place on Sunday afternoon. Below are the dates and game schedule for the 2019-20 Season.

  • 27th Oct
  • 24th Nov
  • 15th Dec
  • 9th Feb
  • 1st Mar
  • 29th Mar

League Table

HARLOW U17/U18 CVL (Central Venue League) Schedule 2019-20

27th Oct 2019

2:35pm      Royals1  vs  Blue Devils
3:35pm      Hawks vs Royals2
4:35pm Hawks vs Royals1
5:35pm      Blue Devils  vs  Royals2

24th Nov 2019

2:35pm    Hawks  vs Blue Devils
3:35pm     Royals1 vs Royals2
4:35pm    Royals1 vs Blue Devils
5:35pm Hawks vs Royals2

15th Dec 2019


2:35pm   Hawks  vs  Royals1
3:35pm   Royals2  vs Blue Devils
4:35pm   Royals 2 vs  Royals1
5:35pm Hawks vs Blue Devils

9th Feb 2020


2:35pm   Royals2  vs  Hawks
3:35pm   Blue Devils   vs  Royals1
4:35pm   Blue Devils  vs  Royals2
5:35pm Royals1 vs Hawks

1st Mar 2020

2:35pm   Hawks    vs   Blue Devils 
3:35pm   Royals1 vs  Royals2
4:35pm   Royals1  vs  Blue Devils
5:35pm Hawks vs Royals 2

29th Mar 2020

2:35pm   Hawks    vs    Royals1 
3:35pm   Royals2 vs Blue Devils
4:35pm   Royals2  vs  Royals1
5:35pm Hawks vs Blue Devils