Update on Sessions starting soon

We contacted all the junior club members (team and non-team) who were attending sessions prior to lockdown asking them about returning so that we could get an idea for the number of players for each age group. All should now have received an email (the same for Senior team players), which they are required to acknowledge.

In addition to above we have to factor in the enquiries we had during lockdown about joining when we ran sessions again.

All of this is being put into the planning for scheduling of restarting sessions again, without trying to cause too much disruption to what time slots were in place for sessions pre-lockdown. But there is likely to be some adjustments we are going to have to make in order for us to make the best use of our bookings.

In preparation for returning to our regular sessions, we have been testing our screening and session processes/procedures using the Skills Centre.

We hope to be able to announce very soon the restarting of various sessions using full court venues, but there will be restrictions in place on numbers that can attend sessions. So it is probably going to inevitable that we may have to introduce a waiting list for some sessions, until we move to other Levels of the Basketball England RTP (Return to Play) that will have less restrictions in place.

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