Hawks Junior Team Players – Setting up Profiles for BE


Below are the instructions to setup a BE (Basketball England) profile, so that players can be licenced to play in games.

NOTE: Hawks will only make payment for players who have signed up for one of their age group teams and completed team registration.

The process to setup the profile is in TWO STAGES, so please ensure that you follow the steps fully and do not go onto the second stage until you are advised.


IT IS BEST TO DO ALL THIS ON A COMPUTER OR TABLET to avoid missing anything out (which has happened for some people who tried doing it on a mobile and causes delays)


STAGE1 – Creating\Setting up BE Profile for an individual

If you have multiple kids at the club then you will need to do this process for each of them (but note that if they are in different age groups – then only create their profile when advised for their age group as each age group is being processed one at a time)

  • Goto https://membership.basketballengland.co.uk
  • Click on SIGN UP
  • Enter DOB using the format of DD/MM/YYYY
  • A Person with Parental Reponsibility will appear, enter parent info and it is a personal choice about allowing direct comms with child when they reach 16 years of age
  • Enter the individual details as requested, again for the email address it is a personal choice of email address (probably parent email and mobile)
  • For Role – Select Player
  • Enter other details – for password – NOTE this is what you will use to access the profile to complete Stage2 of profile setup and whenever you want to login to the profile
  • Tick both boxes for Account Confirmation
  • Select any BE comms preferences (you can always change these later by logging into your profile)
  • Click on ‘Join and Proceed to Checkout’
  • Your profile will appear with your BE Membership Number (you will also get an email with this number in it). This is your login ID for the portal.
  • Click on Proceed to Checkout
  • Select ‘My Club/Organisation pays’ option
  • Enter the CA Code – which you will receive via a text message from Coach Shab
  • Click on the Search Button below and ‘Harlow Hawks Basketball Club’ will appear
  • Click on the Checkout button on the right
  • On the pop-up window, click in the tick box to still proceed and then click on Checkout
  • You will be returned to your profile saying Payment has been requested for approval.
  • LOGIN to email account you provided for the profile setup, as two emails will have been sent by BE membership.
  • Check Junk\Spam Mail if not in Inbox. One email requires you to verify the profile setup. You have to verify within 48 hours, so best to do at this point. The other email will have your BE Membership number – which you use to login to portal.
  • This completes STAGE 1, wait for message to advise about continuing to do STAGE 2 setps below.


. – IN PREPARATION FOR STAGE 2, you will need to take a picture of the person that the profile is for. The picture should be a headshot picture, like that which would be used for a Passport.



Pre-Req – Headshot photo (like passport picture) has been taken for uploading. You have been advised to do this stage, as can only do once club has processed payment requests as options not available until then.

  • •Goto https://membership.basketballengland.co.uk
  • Login to your profile
  • Click on Eligibility (on the left)
  • Click on Upload Photo (locate and select the picture)
  • If happy with it then Save
  • Now have to wait for BE to verify the picture (it maybe done quickly, but can take upto 2 days)
  • You will be able to see when it has been completed, Under ‘My Profile’ the membership status changes to FULL in a green box. Under Eligibility below your profile pic it will say verified.
  • That completes STAGE 2

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