U14’s – Central Venue League – Fixtures/Results

U14 Fixtures

For the 2018\19 season, a new U14 Central Venue League has been setup by Hawks and will run in Harlow. This is to allow for a continuation from the U11 JCVL that has already been running in Harlow for a number of years.

The U14 CVL will be held at Mark Hall Sportcentre, London Road, Harlow, CM17 9LR.

*** 2018-19 season U14 CVL dates and schedule are below ***

There will be 7 teams participating in the first year of the U14 CVL, each event is 2:30-6:30pm.

The JCVL will take place on Sunday afternoon. Below are the dates and game schedule for the 2018-19 Season.

28th Oct

9th Dec

20th Jan

17th Mar

19th May

HARLOW U14 CVL (Central Venue League) Schedule 2018-19

20th Jan (Updated – Schedule Revised 11th Jan 2019)

Court 1                                               Time                         Court 2

Cannons   vs  Leopards White      2:35pm       Hawks Black  vs Lions

Cannons vs NHK                            3:35pm        Hawks Black vs Leopards White

Hawks White  vs  Lions                4:35pm           Leopards Black   vs  NHK

Leopards Black  vs Hawks White    5:35pm