U11’s – Central Venue League – Fixtures/Results

Harlow Hawks U11 JCVL is held at Mark Hall Sportcentre, London Road, Harlow, CM17 9LR.

*** 2018-19 season U11 JCVL dates are confirmed as below ***


Monthly Schedule

There are 10 teams participating in the U11 JCVL this season, each event is 2-6pm unless stated otherwise and the dates for it are as below (teams that will be on rotation for each event will be added in brackets next to the dates around the start of Sept when the schedule for the season is finalised).

The JCVL will take place on Sunday afternoon. Below are the dates for the 2018-19 Season (the schedule for the new season will be updated soon – currently shows 2017-18 schedule that was played)

14th Oct

18th Nov

2nd Dec

13th Jan

3rd Mar

12th May (12-6pm)


2017-18 Schedule\Results